Unrivalled Expertise in Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions

In many cases the need for private jet charter will evolve naturally into a need for ownership. Through our detailed understanding of the jet market we are proficient at procuring aircraft for purchase, be they new or pre-owned.

Aircraft Sales Made Simple

Buying or selling a business or executive aircraft can be a complex process, that's why our team here at Global Charter ensure you are professionally guided through the entire aircraft acquisition and brokerage process. This, combined with experienced legal counsel, will ensure a smooth transaction.

Your Premier Partner in Private Jet Sales and Acquisitions

Navigating the intricate landscape of aircraft sales and acquisitions requires expertise, precision, and a vast network of trusted partners. At Global Charter, we simplify the process, providing a seamless, comprehensive service to buy or sell private jets and helicopters.

Why Choose Global Charter for Aircraft Acquisition?

Our deep-rooted industry connections, unrivalled market knowledge, and meticulous attention to detail set us apart. We guide you every step of the way, handling paperwork, inspections, negotiations, and facilitating aircraft management and maintenance post-acquisition.

What is the Process of Aircraft Acquisition?

The journey of aircraft acquisition begins with your inquiry. We engage in a detailed discussion of your needs, preferences, and budget. After identifying the ideal aircraft, we streamline the purchasing process, handling all necessary arrangements on your behalf.

Aircraft Acquisition Costs

The cost of acquiring a private jet is dependent on various factors such as model, size, age, and condition of the aircraft. Below we've listed rough estimates for popular models, illustrating the potential range in pricing:

Remember, these are rough estimates and the prices can fluctuate based on market conditions and the specific history of an aircraft. For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing or to discuss your specific requirements, please reach out to our dedicated team at Global Charter.

Aircraft Sales with Global Charter

Considering selling your private aircraft? We assist in showcasing your jet or helicopter to a global network of potential buyers, ensuring a swift, profitable sale.

Our Offering Beyond Aircraft Sales and Acquisitions

In addition to aircraft sales and acquisitions, explore the flexibility of our Ad-hoc private jet charter, The GC Jet Card™ membership, and The GC Flight Fund™ membership. All are designed to cater to your diverse travel needs and preferences.

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Ready to step into the world of private aircraft ownership or looking to sell? Trust in GlobalCharter's unrivalled expertise. Contact us today to begin your journey in aircraft sales and acquisitions.

Expert Due Dilligence Service

We are equipped to create a detailed, in-house analysis of the type of aircraft that would suit your requirements the best and will oversee the process from pre-purchase inspections to pricing negotiations, legal support, import or export requirements, aircraft registry selection, crew selection, appointment to maintenance and of course, charter opportunities.

Indicative Rates for Popular Routes

Explore some of our popular private jet charter routes with example pricing

Popular Destinations

Our Most Popular Destinations

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"Global Charter made the complex process of purchasing a private jet a breeze. Their professionalism, transparency, and support were exemplary. I'm incredibly happy with my aircraft."

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"The team at Global Charter ensured a swift and smooth sale of my private jet. Their extensive network and industry knowledge played a key role. Highly recommended."

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