Elevating Your On-Demand Charter Experience with The Enhanced GC Flight Fund™

Introducing an upgraded aspect to our pioneering GC Flight Fund™ - now with a 2% annual kickback on your expenditure. At Global Charter, we continuously innovate in private aviation, striving to surpass your expectations.

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Your Enhanced Private Jet Account: Elevating On-Demand Charter

The GC Flight Fund™ revolutionizes on-demand charter, offering immediate access to private aviation services with added financial benefits. Similar to a flexible private jet membership, this service allows you to deposit funds and use them for any Global Charter service worldwide. Now, enjoy an additional 2% of your yearly spend credited back to your account, enhancing your investment in luxury travel.

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How Does It Work with the Added Benefit?

Simple and efficient, the GC Flight Fund™ lets you book flights or services with a WhatsApp message. Upon selecting your desired option, we handle the rest, with costs deducted from your fund. The new twist? At the end of each year, your account gets a 2% top-up based on your total spend, maximizing your investment in luxury travel.

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Enhancing Your On-Demand Charter Experience with The GC Flight Fund™

The GC Flight Fund™ is a revolutionary service designed to amplify the ease and convenience of your On-Demand Charter experience. At Global Charter, we consistently push the boundaries of private aviation to offer services that exceed your expectations.

Flexibility, Security, and Instant Rewards

The GC Flight Fund™ offers instant access to your funds for immediate bookings, accepts any currency, and imposes no limits or fees. Your funds are secure, protected by advanced encryption and robust financial protocols. Now, the added 2% annual kickback further enhances its value.

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Instant Rewards

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Your Personal Private Jet Account: Simplifying On-Demand Charter

On-demand charter is all about immediate access to private aviation services whenever and wherever you need them. GC Flight Fund™ takes this concept a step further by transforming your private jet rental experience. It's akin to having a private jet membership, but with an unmatched level of flexibility.

Simply deposit funds into your personal GC Flight Fund™, and you can use these to book any Global Charter service worldwide, from transatlantic flights to ground transportation and in-flight catering.

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How Does It Work?

The process is straightforward. Once you have funds in your GC Flight Fund™, booking a flight or service is as easy as sending a simple WhatsApp message to your dedicated Global Charter broker. Choose from the options provided, say "book it," and consider your aircraft ready to fly. We'll automatically deduct the cost from your GC Flight Fund™ balance and send you an updated statement. It's private jet charter simplified.

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Flexible, Secure, and Immediate.

With our GC Flight Fund™ service, you enjoy immediate access to your deposited funds, allowing for instantaneous bookings. We accept deposits in any currency, with no minimum or maximum limit. There are no charges or fees associated with maintaining your GC Flight Fund™. Your funds are held securely, with advanced encryption and robust financial protocols to ensure the utmost protection.

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Expanded Utilization of Your GC Flight Fund™

One of the greatest advantages of the GC Flight Fund™ is its versatile applicability across a wide range of luxury services, going beyond just private jets. Your GC Flight Fund™ acts as a comprehensive solution to all your chartering and service needs. Are you interested in chartering a helicopter for a scenic tour or a timely commute? Or perhaps a yacht for a luxurious escape on the open seas? With the GC Flight Fund™, you can easily fund these experiences. Helicopter Charter and Yacht Charter are just a click away when you have a GC Flight Fund™ account. Beyond flight and yacht services, your GC Flight Fund™ can be utilized for ancillary services as well. Ground transportation to and from your aircraft or yacht, in-flight or on-board catering, and even hotel accommodations can be conveniently covered with your GC Flight Fund™. In short, GC Flight Fund™ offers an unparalleled level of convenience and flexibility, providing a seamless and effortless way to enjoy a wide range of premium services.

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Broaden Your Horizons with the GC Flight Fund™

Beyond private jets, the GC Flight Fund™ extends to an array of luxury services like helicopter tours, yacht charters, and more. All these, including ancillary services like ground transportation and hotel accommodations, are now more rewarding with the annual 2% kickback.

Why GC Flight Fund™ Outshines Traditional Private Jet Memberships

The GC Flight Fund™ offers unmatched flexibility compared to traditional memberships. Use your funds for any service, with the added advantage of closing your account anytime for a full refund, plus the annual 2% kickback on your spending.

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GC Flight Fund™
The Future of Private Jet Charter

Our enhanced GC Flight Fund™ puts you in command, simplifying private jet charter while offering financial benefits. Embrace the future of private aviation with Global Charter – where luxury meets unparalleled convenience and reward.

Customer testimonials

Ready for a seamless private jet charter experience? Create your GCFlight Fund™ with Global Charter today and step into the future of private aviation.

"I am absolutely delighted with the Flight Fund service. It has simplified my private jet bookings to a level I never thought possible. All it takes is a simple WhatsApp message, and my private jet charter is ready."

Private Client

"Global Charter's FF has changed the game. It's flexibility at its finest, allowing me to book flights or ancillary services without any paperwork or time-consuming processes. A game-changer!"

Private Client

"The GC flight fund is everything I wanted in a private jet account. I have the freedom to book any Global Charter service anytime, anywhere, and the process couldn't be simpler."

Private Client

Remember, this service is primarily aimed at enhancing your On-Demand Charter experience. For more details about our On-Demand Charter service, please visit our On-Demand Charter page.

Ready for a seamless private jet charter experience?

Create your GCFlight Fund™ with Global Charter today and step into the future of private aviation.


Common questions about GC Flight Fund™ for private jet charter at Global Charter. If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Is there a minimum or maximum limit for deposits in the GC Flight Fund™?

There's no minimum or maximum limit for deposits. You can deposit any amount that suits your travel needs.

Are there any charges for using the GC Flight Fund™?

No, there are no charges for using the GC Flight Fund™. You only pay for the services you avail.

How quickly can I use my funds once they're deposited?

Your funds are available for use immediately after they're deposited. You can start booking your travel services right away.

In which currencies can I deposit my funds?

We accept deposits in any currency, providing flexibility for our global clientele.

Can I use my funds to book flights at any time?

Absolutely! With GC Flight Fund™,you can book your flights 24/7, providing you with the freedom to arrange your travel plans whenever you wish.

Can the funds be used for services other than private jet charter?

Yes, your GC Flight Fund™ can be used for any service that Global Charter offers. This includes helicopter flights, yacht charters, and ancillary services.

What happens if I want to withdraw my funds?

Your GC Flight Fund™ is fully refundable at any point, with no charges for doing so. We aim to process all refunds immediately, ensuring the funds are returned to you as quickly as possible.

How secure is my money with Global Charter?

At Global Charter, we ensure that your GC Flight Fund™ is kept in the utmost security. We use advanced encryption technologies and follow strict financial protocols to safeguard your money.

What are the main benefits of using GC Flight Fund™?

The GC Flight Fund™ simplifies booking any aircraft on any date, saving time and reducing hassle. It offers flexibility across a variety of services, now enhanced with a 2% annual kickback on your total spend, adding significant value to your luxury travel experience.

Can I use my GC Flight Fund™ to book yachts and helicopters as well?

Yes, the GC Flight Fund™ can be used to book any services provided by Global Charter, including yachts and helicopters

How will I know the status of my GC Flight Fund™?

After every transaction, you'll receive an updated statement showing exactly what you've spent and the remaining balance. This ensures complete transparency about your fund status. Remember, our team is always available to answer any further queries or assist you with the process of depositing and using your GC Flight Fund™.

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Discover our alternative membership – The GC JetCard™

Looking for added convenience and an even more personalized approach to your travel experiences? Discover the GC Jet Card™.

With this offering, you pre-purchase flight hours at a fixed hourly rate, allowing for optimal budget management and transparency. The GC JetCard™ adapts to your travel preferences, allowing interchangeability between different aircraft categories based on your individual needs.

Plus, there's no expiry date for your pre-purchased hours. Beyond jets, your GC Jet Card™can also be used for our diverse range of other luxury services including yacht and helicopter charters.

With the GC Jet Card™, booking your journey is as easy as sending a message. Experience the utmost in convenience and flexibility. Discover the GC Jet Card™ today.

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