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Set sail on a journey of luxury and discovery with Global Charter's luxury yacht charter services. From the sun-kissed coasts of the Mediterranean to the unexplored waters of the South Pacific, we tailor your sailing experience to your preferences and desires.

Why Charter a Yacht With Us?

Unlike traditional yacht brokerages, we are not tied into agreements with certain owners or organisations. We have a distinctly non-biased, independent approach which promises to deliver a greater choice of charter options for our clients.

A global agency, with a personal touch.

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Embrace the Epitome of Luxury with Global Charter's Yacht Experiences

Welcome to Global Charter, your gateway to the world of exclusive yacht chartering. We invite you on a journey of lavish discovery, from the sun-kissed beaches of Ibiza to the majestic waves of the world's most prestigious oceans. Whether it's an intimate day charter or a fortnight of pure indulgence aboard a grand 100m super yacht, we craft unique experiences that redefine luxury.

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The Global Charter Difference

At Global Charter, we believe that luxury is more than an amenity; it's an experience. Our mission is to create unforgettable moments that go beyond the charter, whether through our exceptional Private Jet Charter service or the unrivalled experiences we offer aboard our yachts. Read our testimonials to learn more about the Global Charter difference.

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The True Cost of Luxury: Chartering a Yacht with Global Charter

The cost of chartering a yacht encompasses various factors, including size, type, location, and charter duration. At Global Charter, we believe in transparency and affordability in luxury, ensuring you receive an unmatched experience at a competitive rate. For a bespoke quotation tailored to your specific needs, please contact us.

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Decoding APA in Yacht Chartering

The Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) is a standard in yacht chartering, designed to cover the operational expenses of your charter. This includes costs such as fuel, food, beverages, and port fees. Typically, the APA amounts to around 20% - 30% of the total charter fee.

Navigating the Seas with the 12 Passengers Rule

Due to international maritime law, a yacht can carry a maximum of 12 guests, regardless of its size or the number of cabins it boasts. This rule, applicable while sailing, at anchor, or in port, ensures the safety of all on board and complies with marine insurance policies.

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Enjoy a Seamless Journey from Booking to Bon Voyage

With Global Charter, we handle every detail of your yacht charter experience, from your initial inquiry to your last moments on board. We ensure that every moment spent with us is as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Thirsting for More? Do Charter Guests Pay for Drinks?

With Global Charter, we handle every detail of your yacht charter experience, from your initial inquiry to your last moments on board. We ensure that every moment spent with us is as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

Global Access

Our existing relationships with some of the most acclaimed yacht owners and charter companies allow us access to a wide choice of vessels on a global scale. 

Customer testimonials

We are proud to have provided unforgettable experiences to our esteemed clients

"Global Charter made my yacht charter experience simple and easy. The team was responsive, attentive, and exceeded my expectations to ensure a memorable trip."

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"As a personal assistant to a UHNW client, I have high expectations, and Global Charter surpassed them. They took care of every detail, making fora seamless and delightful experience. My boss was delighted to say the least."

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New York

Expanding Luxury Beyond the Horizon with Our Referral Scheme

Share the experience of unrivalled luxury with your network. Our referral scheme rewards you when your referrals charter a yacht or jet with us. Discover how sharing the luxury of Global Charter can benefit you.

Seamless and Diverse Payment Options

Paying for your luxury charter should be as effortless as the experience itself. At Global Charter, we cater to your convenience by accepting payment through bank/wire transfer, credit card, and various cryptocurrencies. We also offer the option to pay using your GC Flight Fund™ membership for the ultimate ease of transactions. Learn more about our crypto payment options and The GC Flight Fund™.

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