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Known as the ‘City of Angels’, Los Angeles has an undeniable glamor that draws people from around the world. Its unique charm provides a captivating experience for traveller's seeking the finer luxuries that California has to offer. With its vibrant entertainment industry, picturesque beaches, iconic landmarks, and diverse cultural scene, there’s nothing quite like LA.


Traveling to LA with Global Charter gives you the freedom to create your own schedule - no more adhering to rigid airline timetables or dealing with lengthy layovers. With Global Charter, you have the flexibility to choose your departure and arrival times to suit your convenience, allowing you to make the most of your time in Los Angeles.


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How much does it cost to hire a private jet from Los Angeles?

The cost of a private jet charter from Los Angeles varies depending on the type of aircraft chosen. However, a private jet from Los Angeles to Las Vegas ranges from $4,750 to $21,200, while private jet from Los Angeles to New York starts at $34,700.

Route Price Range ($ / £)
Los Angeles to Las Vegas $4,750 - $27,550 / £3,470 - £20,120
Los Angeles to New York $34,700 - $120,800 / £26,500 - £92,250
Los Angeles to London $130,720 - $228,785 / £99,800 - £174,670
Los Angeles to Paris $134,220 - $236,265 / £102,350 - £180,450
Los Angeles to Amsterdam $132,770 - $239,560 / £101,250 - £183,000

How much does it cost to hire a private jet to Los Angeles?

A private jet charter from New York to Los Angeles starts from $34,970 and $131,140 for a private jet from London to Los Angeles.

Route Price Range (£ / $)
Las Vegas to Los Angeles £3,560 - £20,340 / $4,445 - $26,685
New York to Los Angeles £26,700 - £92,685 / $34,970 - $121,435
London to Los Angeles £100,000 - £175,960 / $131,140 - $230,475
Paris to Los Angeles £102,450 - £182,400 / $134,295 - $238,820
Amsterdam to Los Angeles £101,250 - £183,300 / $132,770 - $240,000
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What are the best airports to travel to and from Los Angeles?

Van Nuys Airport (VNY)

A highly favored airport among private jet clientele, Van Nuys Airport (VNY) offers convenience, privacy, and easy access to downtown Los Angeles and the studios of Hollywood. As one of the busiest general aviation airports globally, VNY specializes in serving private aircraft and provides a range of services, including dedicated concierge services and swift customs and immigration clearance.


One of the key features that sets Van Nuys Airport apart is its commitment to providing a luxurious and exclusive experience. The airport boasts state-of-the-art lounges designed to offer a tranquil and refined environment for passengers to relax or work. These lounges are equipped with modern amenities, including Wi-Fi access, comfortable seating, and business facilities, enabling traveler's to stay connected and productive during their time at the airport.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

As one of the busiest and most well-known airports in the world, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) serves as a major international gateway to the city of Los Angeles. LAX offers a multitude of services and facilities to cater to the diverse needs of its travelers. From efficient check-in counters and baggage handling services to modern security measures, the airport prioritizes the needs of its passengers, providing a seamless experience for both domestic and international travelers.


Situated approximately 16 miles (26 km)southwest of downtown Los Angeles, the airport’s proximity to the city center makes it easily accessible for those heading to or from downtown LA. Depending on traffic conditions, the drive from LAX to downtown Los Angeles usually takes around 30 to 45 minutes.

Other available airports for private charter flights in Los Angeles

  • John Wayne Airport (SNA)

    41 miles (66 km)

  • Long Beach Airport (LGB)

    23 miles (37 km)

  • Santa Monica Municipal Airport (SMO)

    14 miles (22 km)

  • Bob Hope Airport (BUR)

    12 miles (19 km)

How far is the closest airport from Los Angeles?

Located in the heart of San Fernando Valley, Van Nuys Airport’s central location ensures a relatively short commute to downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood studios. With a distance of approximately 17 miles (27 km) from downtown Los Angeles, traveling from the airport will take around 30 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. The exact distance between VNY and the Hollywood studios can vary depending on the specific studio location but generally range from 12 to 15 miles (19 to 24 km).


What is the flight time of a private jet from Los Angeles?

Flight times of a private jet charter from Los Angeles can vary based on the destination, route, weather conditions, and the type of aircraft. However, a direct flight from Los Angeles to a destination within mainland United States typically ranges from 2 to 7 hours.  


Private jets offer the advantage of flexibility, allowing passengers to choose the most convenient departure and arrival times. With the ability to access smaller airports and implement time-saving procedures, private jet travel offers a more efficient and streamlined experience compared to commercial flights. This is particularly beneficial for high-profile individuals, as they can avoid the crowds and media attention, ensuring a more private and secure transition to their destination.


Here are the estimated flight times for the following routes:

Route Flight time
Los Angeles to Las Vegas 1 hour
Los Angeles to New York 6 hours
Los Angeles to London 11 hours
Los Angeles to Paris 11 hours
Los Angeles to Amsterdam 11 - 12 hours
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Popular aircraft to travel from Los Angeles

With over 15,000 aircraft available worldwide, our incredible in-house fleet and esteemed carrier partners ensure that we have the perfect aircraft to suit your needs. Our extensive selection of aircraft includes a range of models, accommodating everyone from small groups to larger parties.


Here are some of our clients’ preferred aircraft for travel from Los Angeles:

What is there to do in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles, the height of glamor, offers a whole range of experiences, from exclusive shopping destinations to world-class dining. Here are some of the highlights that await you in the City of Angels.


Luxury shopping

Los Angeles is a mecca for luxury shopping, and no visit would be complete without a trip to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. This iconic street is recognised worldwide for its designer boutiques where you can indulge in the latest fashion collections from renowned brands. Whether you’re looking for Gucci and Louis Vuitton or Prada and Chanel, Rodeo Drive showcases the pinnacle of sartorial elegance and craftsmanship.


As you stroll along Rodeo Drive, the allure of opulence extends beyond the designer boutiques. Explore the exclusive jewellery stores full of dazzling gems and rare timepieces. Discover celebrated names like Tiffany & CO., Harry Winston, and Cartier, where the artistry and beauty of fine jewellery are on full display.


Fine dining

Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, Spago is a legendary restaurant that has become an iconic culinary destination. Founded by renowned chef Wolfgang Puck, Spago has been a trendsetter in the Los Angeles dining scene since its establishment in 1982. It offers a refined and sophisticated dining experience, combining classic European techniques with modern American flavours. The menu features an array of innovative and artfully presented dishes, showcasing the finest seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.


Or perhaps you’re looking for the full Hollywood experience? Providence stands as a shining star in the culinary world, capturing the essence of contemporary American seafood cuisine. Led by chef Michael Cimarusti, this Michelin-starred restaurant carefully crafts each dish to highlight the natural flavors of the sea.


Perched along the picturesque coastline of Malibu, Nobu Malibu marries exquisite Japanese cuisine with breathtaking ocean views. Helmed by world-renowned chef Nobu Matsuhisa, this highly acclaimed restaurant attracts the highest clientele. Nobu Malibu provides an extensive menu consisting of traditional Japanese fused with Peruvian and Californian influences. From their signature sushi and sashimi to innovative dishes like Black Cod Miso, every culinary creation is a testament to Chef Nobu's mastery.

Hollywood hills sign

Leisure activities

Los Angeles provides plenty of leisure activities to suit everyone. Cruise along the coastline in a private yacht from Marina del Rey, soaking up the Californian sun and enjoying the breathtaking views. For a truly extraordinary experience, consider embarking on a helicopter sightseeing tour to Malibu, where you can marvel at the stunning coastal landscapes and gain a unique perspective of this iconic destination.


Golf enthusiasts can enjoy prestigious clubs like the Los Angeles Country Club, offering a chance to tee off in world-class settings, surrounded by meticulously manicured greens. Extend your leisurely pursuits to the nearby regions of Santa Barbara and Temecula, where you can partake in exquisite wine tastings at distinguished vineyards. Indulge your senses with the finest selections of wines produced in these picturesque regions.


When is the best time to visit Los Angeles?

Los Angeles enjoys a mild and pleasant climate throughout the year, making it an appealing destination to visit at any time. Spring and Autumn offer comfortable temperatures between 15 to 25°C and fewer crowds - the perfect opportunity to explore the city’s cultural attractions. Cherry and jacaranda trees create stunning displays, while outdoor events like the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival bring people together from around the world.  


Summer in Los Angeles brings warmer temperatures, ranging from 20 to 30°C, making it an ideal time for beach visits and outdoor activities. While it can be more crowded during this season, there are plenty of iconic attractions and activities to enjoy, such as a Hollywood helicopter tour to see the iconic sign from a birds-eye view.


Although winter in Los Angeles may not be the typical winter wonderland, the city offers a unique holiday charm with festive decorations and events. Explore the Griffith Park Holiday Light Festival or go ice skating in Pershing Square for a truly festive experience.


Why choose Global Charter?

Global Charter is the ultimate choice for private jet hire to Los Angeles. Experience luxury travel like no other as we curate a personalized trip that is sure to exceed your expectations. From selecting preferred airports to lavishly appointed cabins, our team takes care of every detail to ensure your travel to Los Angeles is nothing short of exceptional.

At Global Charter, your safety, and security are our utmost priorities. Our expert team maintains rigorous safety protocols, conducting regular inspections and adhering to the highest industry standards. Rest assured that you are incapable hands throughout your journey to Los Angeles, allowing you to travel with confidence and peace of mind.


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