Private Jet from London to Edinburgh

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Private Jet from London to Edinburgh

Jet off on a luxury escape from London to Edinburgh with Global Charter. Touch down in Scotland’s vibrant capital city, with a rich tapestry of history and architectural wonders, the city presents an array of sophisticated landmarks, exuding elegance and grandeur. Edinburgh's irresistible charm is a blend of tradition and modernity, crafted from the enchanting tales of its iconic castle perched on Castle Rock, the timeless beauty of the Royal Mile's cobblestone streets, and the vibrant energy of the annual Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


Enjoy an unrivalled air travel experience from London to Edinburgh. Allow us to whisk you away in the utmost convenience and style, with the choice of over 15,000 aircraft, personalised services, and more.

How much does it cost to hire a private jet from London to Edinburgh?

The cost of chartering a private jet from London to Edinburgh will depend on your aircraft of choice in addition to other factors, such as the time of flight and additional services. For a turbo propeller, you can expect prices to start from approximately £7,950, and up to £23,250 for larger aircraft models

Turbo Prop
Very Light Jet
Light Jet
Super Light Jet
Midsize Jet
Super Midsize Jet
Heavy Jet
Ultra Long Range
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Brexit's influence on domestic private jet charter in the UK

Brexit has reshaped many sectors, and the domestic private jet charter industry in the UK hasn't been spared, which could impact your private jet charter from London to Edinburgh. Since Brexit, only UK-registered aircraft are allowed for domestic private jet charters within the UK and so with a reduced fleet, demand often surpasses supply, leading to a surge in private jet charter rates.


Not to mention, operators have navigated a new regulatory landscape, transitioning from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)to the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for compliance. Moreover, potential tariffs on aviation parts and increased administrative tasks due to customs procedures may contribute to rising operational costs for private jet hire.


As the sector continues to adjust, clients are advised to book their charters in advance to secure optimal rates and availability. Read our full advice.


What is the flight time of a private jet from London to Edinburgh?

The flight duration of a private jet from London to Edinburgh can vary based on factors such as the specific aircraft, weather conditions, air traffic, and flight route. Generally, the flight time for this route is around 1 to 1.5 hours (01h 00m to 01h 30m). Private jet travel allows for a more convenient and swift journey compared to commercial flights, with state-of-the-art aircraft, expedited customs, and flight itineraries that workaround your schedule.

What are the best airports to travel from London to Edinburgh?

Farnborough Airport (FAB)

Farnborough Airport is a top choice for private jet travellers departing from London, serving our clients from within the city and surrounding areas. Strategically positioned in close proximity to London, Farnborough Airport’s convenient location makes for a swift journey. Not to mention, Farnborough airport offers an abundance of facilities and services, specifically catered to the needs of private flyers. From access to private lounges and ground transportation to a high-end partner hotel, FAB guarantees a comfortable experience pre and post flight.


Edinburgh Airport (EDI)

Edinburgh Airport is the primary airport serving Edinburgh and surrounding areas, catering both for commercial and private aviation. As the premier selection for our clients travelling to Edinburgh from London, EDI presents specialised fixed-base operator (FBO) offerings meticulously designed for private jet passengers. This aviation hub showcases remarkable facilities, including executive lounges, aircraft assistance, customs and privacy procedures, and more.


East Fortune Airfield (EGVJ)

Located roughly 15 miles (24 km) east of Edinburgh, East Fortune Airfield, once a Royal Air Force station, has been transformed into a general aviation airfield tailored to house private jets. While its amenities might be more modest in comparison, EGVJ provides dedicated FBO services tailored for private aviation, covering essentials like parking, refuelling, and hangar accommodations.


How far is the closest airport from Edinburgh?

Edinburgh Airport is conveniently located approximately 8miles (13 km) west of Edinburgh city centre, making it just a 20-minute car journey in good traffic conditions.


Here are the distances from Edinburgh Airport to Edinburgh's most popular destinations:


●     Edinburgh Castle - 8 miles (13 km) / 20-30 minutes drive

●     The Royal Mile - 9 miles (15 km) / 25-30 minutes drive

●     Holyrood Palace - 9 miles (15 km) / 25-35 minutes drive

●     Arthur’s Seat (Holyrood Park) - 8 miles (13 km)/ 20-30 minutes drive

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Popular aircraft to travel from London to Edinburgh

What is there to do in Edinburgh?

Private castle tours

The Edinburgh Castle, perched majestically on Castle Rock, is a symbol of the city's heritage and intrigue. A private tour of this formidable fortress allows you to unravel its rich history, from royal residences to military strongholds, and witness the Honours of Scotland—the country's crown jewels. Beyond the castle walls, the surrounding areas unfold with a tapestry of historic estates, each with its unique story.


Take your experience to new levels with an exclusive dinner within the hallowed halls of one of these historic settings. Indulge in gourmet dining while enveloped by the ambiance of centuries past, creating an atmosphere that transcends time.

View of Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh
View of Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh

Luxury accommodations and spas

Revel in luxurious accommodations at esteemed hotels like The Balmoral or The Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh - The Caledonian, where opulence meets exceptional service. Alternatively, for a more exclusive and personalised stay, explore the option of renting a private historic mansion. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of a bygone era while relishing the privacy and unique charm these mansions offer, ensuring a truly unforgettable escape in the heart of Edinburgh's cultural richness.


Rejuvenate with top-tier spa experiences offered by many of Edinburgh's luxury hotels, tailored to ensure relaxation and well-being. Such spas include The Balmoral Spa at The Balmoral Hotel, The Guerlain Spa at Waldorf Astoria Edinburgh - The Caledonian, and One Spa at Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa.


The Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland
The Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland

Helicopter tour of the Highlands

Embark on an extraordinary aerial adventure with a luxury helicopter tour encompassing Edinburgh and the breathtaking Highlands. Soar above historic castles, serene lochs, and rugged landscapes, absorbing the grandeur of Scotland's beauty from a unique perspective. This high-flying escapade promises an unforgettable journey through a land steeped in history and natural splendour.

Views of the Isle of Skye in the Scottish Highlands
Views of the Isle of Skye in the Scottish Highlands

World-class golf courses

Edinburgh and its environs boast premier golfing destinations, each with its own allure. Tee off at iconic venues like Muirfield, where history and championship-worthy fairways meet. Experience the beauty of Gullane Golf Club's courses overlooking the coastline. Immerse yourself in golfing excellence amidst the scenic beauty of East Lothian's finest links.

Gullane Golf Club's links course overlooking Aberlady Bay
Gullane Golf Club's links course overlooking Aberlady Bay

When is the best time to visit Edinburgh?

The best time to visit Edinburgh is during the late spring to early autumn months, from May to September. This period offers pleasant weather, longer daylight hours, and a vibrant atmosphere. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August is a major highlight, bringing a surge of culture and entertainment. However, do note that the weather can be unpredictable, so packing layers is advisable!


Although temperatures are low and rain is to be expected, Edinburgh in winter casts a magical spell with its festive charm and fewer crowds. Wander through the enchanting Christmas markets, bask in the warm glow of the city's festive lights, and immerse in Hogmanay celebrations. Cosy up in historic pubs, savour hearty Scottish cuisine, and relish the serene beauty of Edinburgh's winter landscape.


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When it comes to private air travel, Global Charter is the top choice. Our vast fleet gives you the option to choose the perfect aircraft for your private jet from London to Edinburgh. We are committed to delivering an unparalleled service, providing you with the finest service throughout your journey. Read our client testimonials to discover more.


Rest assured that our flights adhere to the highest safety standards with each journey covered by our JetProtect™ - AOG Insurance. Benefit from a choice of payment opinions, including Cryptocurrency. Whether you’re an existing client or not, make use of our rewards programme and earn rewards for your next flight!

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