Discover the essential information surrounding Brexit’s influence on the UK domestic private jet charter industry and what it means for your next trip.


Brexit’s Influence on UK Domestic Private Jet Charter

Brexit has reshaped many sectors, and the domestic private jet charter industry in the UK hasn't been spared. From the complexities of aircraft registration and availability to the intricacies of adapting to regulatory adjustments, the post-Brexit landscape has demanded a fresh approach. Moreover, operational costs have undergone significant scrutiny and reshaping, while even the act of arranging private flights with beloved pets has encountered new challenges.

Union Jack flying in the United Kingdom
Union Jack flying in the United Kingdom

Aircraft registration and availability

Since Brexit, the new regulations stipulate that only UK-registered aircraft are allowed for domestic private jet charters within the UK. With European aircraft operators now prevented from operating intra-UK flights, there is a limit on the number of available aircraft for private jet hire domestically, consequently creating a surge in demand that exceeds supply. As a result, the reduced fleet numbers have led to a notable increase in private jet charter rates.


Regulatory Adjustments

One of the significant consequences of Brexit has been the shift from the oversight of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to the jurisdiction of the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). This transition has introduced a new regulatory landscape for private jet operators, necessitating their careful navigation to ensure compliance with the updated protocols. The change in regulatory authority has prompted private jet operators to familiarise themselves with the revised guidelines, safety standards, and operational requirements set forth by the CAA. Adapting to the new regulatory framework has become crucial for operators to continue providing their services within the UK, ensuring the highest levels of safety, security, and adherence to designated aviation regulations.


Operational Costs

As the UK is no longer benefiting from access to the European Union’s free trade agreements, the importing of aviation parts has become subject to tariffs. This results in a driving up of expenses for private jet operators and, ultimately, for those seeking private jet hire services.  


Additionally, the implementation of new customs procedures following Brexit has introduced an array of administrative tasks. Private jet operators now face additional paperwork and documentation requirements, such as customs declarations and compliance checks. These new procedures increase the administrative burden and can potentially lead to longer turnaround times and added costs, further impacting the overall operational expenses of private jet hire.

Private Jet Interior
Private Jet Interior

Changes to private flights with pets

Post-Brexit changes have brought significant alterations to the process of chartering a private jet with pets. Individuals travelling from Great Britain to the European Union or Northern Ireland are no longer allowed to use the previously valid UK pet passport. Instead, a new requirement has been introduced in the form of an Animal Health Certificate (AHC). This certificate must be obtained within 10 days prior to travel and serves as the essential document for flying with pets in these destinations. The AHC is valid for a period of four months, enabling pet owners to travel within the EU during this timeframe.


Conversely, for travellers entering the United Kingdom, the existing pet passport remains valid for entry, along with the customary vaccination requirements.

Brexit's footprint on the domestic private jet charter industry in the UK is evident in the diminished aircraft availability and the consequent rise in charter rates. As the sector adjusts, clients are advised to book their charters in advance to secure optimal rates and availability.

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