Explore Top Private Jet Destinations

Discover luxury and convenience when travelling to iconic destinations such as New York, London, Paris, and Las Vegas, with Global Charter private jet services.

Explore Top Private Jet Destinations

Top Private Jet Destinations

Private jet travel opens a world of possibilities; from exotic beach getaways to bustling city breaks, there are endless destinations to explore.


Private Jet to New York:

Experience the vibrant energy of the Big Apple with a private jet journey to New York City. Explore iconic landmarks such as Times Square, Central Park, and the Statue of Liberty in luxury.

Sign for Fifth Avenue
Sign for Fifth Avenue - New York

When is the best time to visit New York?

Although New York is a year-round destination, the Spring and Autumn months are the best times to visit. You can expect fewer crowds whilst the city comes alive with warm temperatures.


Book your private charter jet to New York with Global Charter.

Private Jet to London:

Embark on a journey to the heart of Europe with a private jet to London. Discover iconic landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, and the British Museum.

London buildings

When is the best time to visit London?

The best time to visit London is during the spring and summer months. With milder temperatures, you can explore the parks, shopping streets, and outdoor attractions. During the summertime, London is packed with cultural events, festivals, and outdoor markets, offering a vibrant and lively atmosphere.


Book your private charter jet to London today with Global Charter.


Private Jet to Paris:

Experience romance and charm with a private jet journey to Paris. Explore historic landmarks, indulge in gourmet cuisine, and get lost in quaint cobblestone streets.

View of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, overlooking the River Seine

When is the best time to visit Paris?

Paris is a city which can be enjoyed year-round. Springtime in Paris is renowned for its mild weather and fewer crowds. During the summer months, you can expect warmer temperatures and a vibrant energy that fills the streets of Paris.

Book your private jet charter to Paris with Global Charter today.


Private Jet to Las Vegas:

Visit the entertainment capital of the world, where you can experience the excitement of world-class casinos, extravagant shows, and electrifying nightlife.

Las Vegas slot machines
Las Vegas Slot Machines

When is the best time to visit Las Vegas?

Las Vegas tends to be busiest on the weekends and surrounding popular events. If you’re not a fan of crowds, we recommend booking your trip for a weekday and outside peak tourist seasons.


Book a private jet to Las Vegas with Global Charter today and get ready for a trip of a lifetime.


What are the advantages of travelling to top destinations with a private jet charter?

Travelling to top destinations via private jet offers comfort, privacy, and convenience. Avoiding crowds, long security lines, and having the flexibility to travel on your schedule are just a few of the advantages which make private jet charter the preferred choice for travellers.


Interior of Private Jet
Interior of Private Jet

At Global Charter, we understand the value of flexibility and convenience when it comes to air travel. That’s why we offer exclusive last-minute private jet charter deals to cater to your travel needs. Whether you require a last-minute private jet for business crises, impromptu holidays, or to replace cancelled flights, our dedicated team is here for you.


We understand that pets are part of the family and are delighted to provide pet-friendly jet charter services. We strive to ensure that your furry friend enjoys a comfortable and stress-free journey. At Global Charter, we do not charge you extra for bringing your pets on board.

How fast can a last-minute private jet be arranged?

We pride ourselves on our ability to arrange a private jet quickly, even at short notice. Our extensive network of aircraft operators allows us to access a wide range of jets, ensuring that we find the most suitable option to meet your requirements. Depending on availability and your specific needs, we can have a private jet ready for departure within a matter of hours. Book your last-minute private jet now.


Our Charter Membership Program

Discover Global Charter's Charter Membership Programme, prioritising your comfort, security, and convenience. Benefit from JetProtect™ AOG insurance, competitive pricing, and five-star testimonials. Whether for business or pleasure, enjoy tailored travel experiences and access to private jet rental without upfront costs. Avoid additional fees with flight hour flexibility and consider various factors like aircraft type. Compare private jet cards, optimise maintenance costs, and capitalise on charter flights. Trust us for your aviation needs, minimising hangar fees and airport costs. Whether jet owners or newcomers, we cater to your specific needs, ensuring seamless journeys worldwide.

Hereat Global Charter, we not only offer private jet charter services, but we also provide helicopter charters, yacht charters, and air ambulance helicopter services, internationally. Our fleet consists of over 15,000 private aircraft that all meet or exceed industry safety standards. We understand that different industries have different needs, so we provide tailored charter solutions for a variety of industries, including corporate private flights, events industry flights, film industry flights, oil and gas industry flights, government helicopter and private jet charters, music industry tours and sports industry flights.

How do I charter a private jet?

To charter a private jet with Global Charter, simply visit our website or contact our team directly. We offer personalised assistance to help you select the perfect aircraft for your needs and arrange all aspects of your flight.

How do I fly on a private jet?

Flying on a private jet with Global Charter is easy. Once you've booked your flight, our experienced team will handle all the details, ensuring a seamless and comfortable travel experience from start to finish.

How much is a private jet flight?

The cost of a private jet flight with Global Charter varies depending on factors such as the aircraft type, flight distance, and additional services. Contact us for a customised quote based on your travel needs.

What is the range of a typical private jet?

A typical private jet can range from 1,500 to 7,800 miles, depending on the size and type of the aircraft. This range allows private jet travellers to reach a wide range of destinations around the world without the need for layovers or refuelling stops.

How fast does a private jet go?

The speed of a private jet varies depending on the aircraft model. On average, private jets can travel at speeds ranging from 400 to 600 miles per hour.

How can you fly on a private jet for less?

Global Charter offers competitive pricing for private jet travel. Additionally, consider flexible travel dates, booking in advance, and exploring empty-leg flights for potential cost savings. Contact Global Charter  now for more information.

How far in advance do I need to book a private jet?

Private jet charters can be booked at any time, including last-minute bookings. However, it is recommended to book in advance to secure availability and preferred flight times. Booking in advance also allows Global Charter to make the necessary arrangements and ensure a seamless travel experience for passengers.

Are pets allowed on private jets?

Yes, pets are permitted on private jets, and Global Charter offers pet-friendly private jets. However, it is best to verify with us about our individual pet regulations and any additional needs.

How do I track the flight of a private plane?

You can track the flight of a private plane using various online flight tracking platforms or by contacting Global Charter for real-time updates on your flight status.

Can you fly a private jet to Europe?

Yes, you can fly a private jet to Europe with Global Charter. We offer international private jet charters to destinations worldwide, including Europe. Contact Global Charter to book now.

Can I book a private jet for international travel?

Yes, private jets can be booked for international travel. With its extensive global network of airports, Global Charter can arrange flights to almost any destination in the world. Contact Global Charter to book now.

Wherever your wanderlust takes you, Global Charter is here to elevate your travel experience. Contact us today to start planning your next journey.


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